About me

  • I may have finished my degree, but I refuse to surrender my title as student! 
  • Teach me something.
  • "'There's nothing really can touch skiing is there?' Nick said. 'The way it feels when you first drop off on a long run.'

          'Huh,' said George. 'It's too swell to talk about.'" 

          -Cross Country Snow by Ernest Hemingway

  • What is the point of learning something, if you can't share it with others?
  • There are few things more rewarding to me than when helping a student, you finally tap into their logic and are able to jump to light speed, where they all of a sudden are able to understand so many things they have spent days struggling with  .



Thank you for visiting! I put this webpage together as a supplemental/alternative medium to the classic CV so that you can easily learn about my professional and personal endeavors over the last few years. Whatever the reason that brought you here, I hope you find it informative. 





Erik Summerside  

  • I am fascinated by the human body and in understanding how it can so elegantly manipulate itself and objects in its environment.
  • Furthermore, I am driven to explore what variables condition so many of us (me included) to surrender movement from our daily life, preferring a sedentary existence over one of play and surprise. 




BA Biology,  MS/PhD Integrative Physiology